TAJ AUTOCHEM LTD. is a manufacturer of one of the world’s finest home care and car care products. Since its inception in the year 2012, the company has progressed leaps and bounds not only in terms of its market but also in its range of products. In this short duration, the company has proved its worth in the market by launching a complete solution to the cleanliness of cars and even homes. The growing demand and the client base is the testimony of its good quality products and services.

The goal of Taj Autochem has been to provide quality information and products for home care and car care to people who love their car and home. We are crazy detailing enthusiasts, who take utmost care to maintain the quality of our car care cleaning chemical products and home care products. In the billion dollar car care products and home care products market, we have been able to carve our niche in a big way.

We give a personal touch to the products we manufacture. Our product brands include Sonus, Ultima, Polycharger, Microfiber and car polishers. Our car care cleaning chemical products include Wax plus, Dash board shiner, car wash shampoo, wind shield auto glaze coat cleaner, car wash soaps, cleaners and other car care specialty items. In the home care product segment, we offer floor cleaners, shine global i.e. a multi layer all purpose cleaner, room fresheners, rust preventives, toilet cleaners and Kitchen queen i.e. for cleaning oily and greasy surface.